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Equipment Engineering, Repair & Maintenance

We believe that every Pilates student and teacher has the right to work out and teach on safe Pilates equipment.  Just as we practice Pilates to maintain and strengthen our bodies, we are committed to strengthening and maintaining your equipment.

Pilates apparatus is unique fitness equipment and requires specialized service by highly qualified individuals. We strive to be the elite. The best of the best. We are Top Gun Pilates Engineering.

Our crew is made up of maverick engineers and technicians with a diverse toolbox of skills, aimed at improving every piece of Pilates equipment, and the experience of every teacher and student in the Pilates community.

Our mission is to increase the awareness and level of safety standards in the Pilates community by providing top of the line service, education, and training. We specialize in top-notch Pilates equipment repair and industry-leading maintenance plans and strategies.

Top Gun Pilates Engineering provides comprehensive, on-site Pilates equipment repair and maintenance for private residences, as well as some of the largest studios in the industry.

As both an Aerospace Engineer and a Pilates Teacher, company founder Regina Arras has developed stringent safety protocols and service criteria modeled after her decade-long career using standards implemented in the aviation industry.

From regular maintenance, to emergency repairs, to innovative Pilates-specific products, Top Gun Pilates Engineering serves all members of the Pilates community by striving to improve every workout, on every piece of equipment.

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