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Is your Pilates equipment in need of a tune-up? Let me get under the hood and find out!
How long has it been since you’ve looked at your equipment?  If this was your car, it would remind you relentlessly that it needed its oil changed every 5000 miles! Your Pilates equipment is a lot less vociferous; it’s a bit more understanding of your busy schedule – that is until it starts bitching, squeaking, and moaning at you! So how long has it been? Be honest.  I won’t judge, I promise! After all, that’s what I’m here for – I’m your Pilates Engineer, at your service to make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape and running smoothly.  If you’re not able to let me under the “carriage” of your reformer, don’t fret, there are plenty of things you can do to quiet your equipment’s nagging.  Here are just a few to help you along:
Awe Snap!! – Check your double snap hooks regularly – You know, those little guys that attach your springs to your equipment we all know and love? They’re everywhere, and they’re very important!  Why?!? Well for one because if not watched they will wear out and break.  After repeated use the springs can eat away at the hooks causing them to fracture which might cause injury! Check them regularly to make sure they’re in good condition so you don’t have an accident while with a client.
Are your springs getting kinky on you? – Just like me, I’m sure you have a love – hate, on again, off again relationship with your springs!  One day they are silent and agreeable, and then the next they’re loud and obnoxious.  And sometimes, though you hate to admit it, they make you feel a little awkward – that is, they get a little kinky –  and that’s when it’s time to end the relationship. Period.  If you ever see a kink in your springs it’s time to trade it in for a new one! And it could happen at any age so check them not periodically.

Quickies might just save lives – Trust me I know what I’m talking about!  I’m an engineer, remember.
So you know those things that attach your safety chains and push through springs to your wall unit?  They look like a zero (or a chain link)?  Well, we in “the biz” know them at quick links, they’re all over your equipment, and they are life savers! Make sure they’re closed and tight, and they’ll make sure your clients are safe and sound!

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