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I’ve been receiving some really great questions about equipment set up, maintenance, and storage from instructors, studio and equipment owners like you all over the world! I personally answer each question individually, but also wanted to share these questions with all of you so that we may learn and grow together building a community of the safest most-highly maintained and cared for Pilates equipment in the industry!  Thank you so much for entrusting one of your most valuable investments with me, your Pilates Engineer, and making Top Gun Pilates Engineering your go-to for all of your equipment-related questions!  Please keep all your wonderful and thought-provoking questions coming!

With hot, humid and sticky summer approaching some may wonder how the weather, heat and cold might affect Pilates equipment – springs in particular.

If springs (in this case the PT bar springs) are next to the window and exposed to the cold of the draft coming from the glass in the winter and the AC draft in the summer are they more likely to get damaged or weakened? Would that be risky?

While changes in temperature and humidity can affect the way metal (in this case springs) behave, these changes usually have to be pretty severe, so I would say that having your push-through springs by a window wouldn’t drastically damage or weaken (fatigue) them.  Now if they were going from 20F to 100F regularly then I would have a different answer!  You may notice that your springs might creek or moan first thing in the morning when the studio opens.   This can be from the studio getting cold overnight because the heat is turned off (or vice versa in summer). This is normal and once the springs reach the air temperature in the studio they should quiet down.

I hope this helps to answer and concerns you might have had.  If you have any other questions please feel free to send them my way, I’d love to help!

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