On Essential Oils and Pilates Upholstery

Have you noticed how much social media chatter there has been about what we use to clean our Pilates equipment recently?

It never ceases to amaze me what can divide a group of individuals bound by one common passion, but I never would have guessed that it would be cleaning products!

If you’ll allow me to step onto my soap box for a few moments, I hope you will enjoy this essay I wrote not too long ago on this very subject.

Having been a Pilates practitioner and teacher for about 10 years (not long by many standards!), I understand that the use of essential oils in cleaning solutions has become taboo in the Pilates community. As an aerospace engineer with a comprehensive understanding of materials and their interactions in solution, I agree that essential oils (oil in general for that matter) when used in the wrong solution can indeed wreak havoc on the products used to upholster our Pilates equipment.

Typically, solutions used to clean Pilates equipment utilize the essential oil as the primary means of disinfecting. This requires the water to oil ratio to be rather low (64:1 if not lower) which would cause the oil to dry out the material and result in cracks. It was with this specific notion in mind that I sought to develop a product that is all-natural, disinfecting and gentle on every material used in the manufacture of Pilates equipment.

This is exactly why our cleaning product is a water and vinegar-based solution. The only active disinfecting ingredient is vinegar. The essential oil (lavender) in our wipes serves only as the fragrance to minimize the odor of the vinegar itself and is a mere 0.001% of the composition. To put this into perspective, if you were to fill a 16 fl. oz. bottle with the solution in our wipes the lavender oil would account for less than 1/10 of a single drop from a standard dropper.

I strive to understand and meet the needs, wants and desires of you, my fellow members of the Pilates community, and I hope it is evident that a lot of passion and perspiration went into the creation of our all-natural equipment wipes.

There are many, many cleaning product options available on the market, including our very own all-natural equipment wipes (which you can purchase here #shamelessplug). Whichever you choose I urge you pick one that is safe on your equipment.

I’d love to hear from you! What cleaning products are you using and why have you chosen to use them?

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One comment on “On Essential Oils and Pilates Upholstery

  1. Hello,
    We are interested in a more natural way (ie: essential oils) to clean our Gratz apparatus. Regina mentioned a lavender small ratio with water. Do you have that recipe to share?
    Thank you!

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