I’ve had ENOUGH! (and so should you!)

This tiny but deadly little beast is lurking around in your Pilates studio RIGHT NOW! I’m sure a majority of your Pilates clients have it, and they don’t even know it! But it’s putting your Pilates studio at risk!

This nearly silent, seemingly innocuous little devil is wreaking havoc in studios across the world at near epidemic proportions!

Why am I so worked up over it you ask? Because I’ve seen its devastation first-hand. I’ve seen how it can literally RIP and TEAR a studio apart at the seams!

It’s time we put a stop to it NOW!

I’m talking about zippers.


upholstery-tearOver the years fitness apparel designers have started to put these pesky little buggers on our Pilates pants! As we workout they score, rip and tear into Pilates equipment upholstery costing Pilates studios thousands of dollars in repairs and re-upholstery costs and I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I urge you, NAY plead with you, my fellow Pilates teachers, studio owners and workouter-ers!

BAN these pants from your studios! Stop selling them in your boutiques! Tell your clients to keep them for yoga or spin class, but NOT Pilates class!

Save yourself the headache, heartache and stomachache of re-upholstering your equipment!


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