Let’s Get Physical!

What do you see when you teach Pilates? Do you see body parts? … Heads, shoulders, knees and toes (…knees and toes)?  I don’t, I see hinges, and pulleys, and forces, oh my!  I’m a Pilates Teacher, and I’m also an Aerospace Engineer. – The Pilates Engineer

When I teach Pilates I don’t see a body or its parts, I see columns, torque boxes, single force members, trusses, beams…I see forces, vectors, shear loads, stress and strain…I see Newton’s Laws of Motion and Einstein’s e = mc2  (thanks gentlemen!!).  I want to show you Pilates exercises through my eyes, up close and personal like Mav and Goose’s “communication” with mig28!

So we’re announcing that starting in December we’ll be bringing you not just one but two new and exciting ways to learn the Physics of Pilates!  Workout Wednesdays will bring you a Pilates exercise each week and Physics Friday will take that same exercise and explain the physics in pictorial form!
This is going to be BIG, but we  need your help.  Tell us which exercises you want to see, send us any questions you have – maybe you want to know why certain exercises are impossible for you but not others – I’ll tell you why!  Use these hashtags #PilatesWOW and #PilatesPhysicsFriday or send me an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!

…cue the Top Gun theme music!

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