March MATness

We at Top Gun are dedicating the month of MARCH to the brainchild of the one and only Benjamin Degenhardt – March MATness!!

Each day for the entire month we will be bringing you Joe’s original 34 exercises as seen though my highly calibrated engineering eyes!

What do you see when you teach Pilates? Do you see body parts? … heads, shoulders, knees and toes ( knees and toes)? I don’t, I see hinges, and pulleys, and forces, oh my!

As you all know I’m a Pilates Instructor, and I’m also an Aerospace Engineer – a Pilates Engineer, if you will. So when I teach Pilates I don’t see a body or its parts, I see columns, torque boxes, single force members, trusses, beams…I see forces, vectors, shear loads, stress and strain…I see Newton’s Laws of Motion and Einstein’s E = mc2.

Over the course of the next month, I aim to show you Pilates exercises through my eyes, up close and personal. Like Mav and Goose’s “communication” with MiG28, I am preparing for an interesting ride, and so should you! …cue Top Gun theme music!

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