On our way to Fightertown, USA!

Our most recent trip marked the one year anniversary of our growth into Florida, and we couldn’t be happier to have such wonderful, loyal and supportive clients in the Sunshine State! A special thank you goes out to all of our dear clients in Florida celebrating one year of The Best of the Best in Pilates equipment maintenance!

Next week, we head to San Diego for our very first ever PMA conference. San Diego is just miles from the home of the real “Best of the Best!” Miramar or Fightertown, USA– the actual location of Fighter Weapons School, or as Navy Pilots call it, “Top Gun.” We cannot wait to see you there. We’ll be at Booth 24 so come on by for discounts, tips, giveaways and new products!

There is still time to get 10% off your pre-order of wipes and our new Top Gun t-shirts for pick up at the PMA.

See you there!

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