Propulsion into 2015!

As all of you probably know by now I believe in forces – those we can quantify with science and those that we cannot. As a technical-minded woman of science many people are baffled that I give credence to, let alone believe in those forces with which we cannot explain with accepted Physics. To them I say Phooey (yes, a “technical-minded woman of science” just said “phooey”)!

For some reason or another, under forces greater than I am able to explain or even understand, 2014 brought some of the most remarkable people into my life.

Looking back at this past year we’ve accomplished so many great things. We launched our “Meet Your Wingman” workshop series teaching the Physics of Pilates and Pilates equipment maintenance in New York and Florida!

We took delivery of our largest order of our all-natural equipment cleaning wipes which are making their way into studios worldwide!

We attended our first PMA in San Diego, CA where we were able to connect with friends from all over the globe.

And lastly (but definitely not least) we launched our brand new website just last month. It is the result of the combined hard work of the great people of NGNG Enterprises, Inc. and all of us here at Top Gun Pilates Engineering. It truly is the best of the Best!

It is for all of these wonderful, amazing and truly remarkable reasons that I wait with bated breath for 2015!

Happy New Year!

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