Size Matters

Size Matters! Snap hook size that is!

Does the size of those snap hooks we all know and love really matter? YES! Absolutely! The length of the hooks changes how some exercises feel and how difficult they are. Using larger hooks increases what we call the “dead length” of the spring. This “dead length” is the distance from the end of the coils of the spring to the equipment it is attaching to, and the larger the “dead length” is the less effective the spring can be.  Ideally the spring would attach directly onto the equipment, but because we need to move springs around and change them out occasionally, this isn’t possible.  So we have to use these snap hooks to attach the springs to the equipment, and of course they must be the right length and the right strength so they don’t break.


As a teacher, have you ever had a smaller client try to do Shoulder roll down (aka Shari) on the Caddy and their feet don’t reach the push through bar? Or a client who just can’t seem to get that push through down during Mermaid? I learned to add another snap hook because it brings the push through bar down and the client can reach it.  What does this do really? Well, for one, to change the angle of the bar and increases the spring “dead length”, but that change in angle and increase in “dead length” also changes the force required to push the bar down. When we add another snap hook to help our client out, we are making the exercise more accessible to them. So using hooks that are too large on any of our equipment can change it and those changes affect the exercises. Most clients might find Shoulder roll down or Mermaid with two snap hooks or one large one easier. You can see that it is very important to start with the appropriate hook length so we aren’t changing the work for all of our clients.

When you’re ordering your equipment be sure to have a conversation with the manufacturer so you can have the correct spares on hand! Or call us and we’ll get you all squared away.

Stay tuned for more about what snap hooks should be made out of…..????

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