Size Matters

Size Matters! Snap hook size that is! Does the size of those snap hooks we all know and love really matter? YES! Absolutely! The length of the hooks changes how some exercises feel and how difficult they are. Using larger hooks increases what we call the “dead length” of the spring. This “dead length” is the distance from the end of the coils of the spring to the equipment it is attaching to, and the larger the “dead length” is the less effective the spring can be.  Ideally the spring [..] Read More

Equipment Set Up, Maintenance & Storage

I’ve been receiving some really great questions about equipment set up, maintenance, and storage from instructors, studio and equipment owners like you all over the world! I personally answer each question individually, but also wanted to share these questions with all of you so that we may learn and grow together building a community of the safest most-highly maintained and cared for Pilates equipment in the industry!  Thank you so much for entrusting one of your most valuable investments with me, your Pilates Engineer, and making Top Gun Pilates Engineering [..] Read More