The “Maintenance-Free” Myth

They say that nothing in life is free.  Who’s they, and why not?  Well when it comes to Pilates equipment maintenance they’re right – whoever they are.  Some equipment manufacturers claim that their equipment is “maintenance-free.”  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they’re wrong.  Everything in life needs maintenance, especially the things we use everyday.  Yes, some Pilates equipment needs more TLC than others but the fact remains that they all need it.

While Peak and Balanced Body equipment maintenance might be less labor intensive than say Gratz, they still need to be serviced.  ALL reformers need their wheels cleaned and lubricated, springs, hooks and attachments checked and tightened and ropes/straps adjusted. ALL cadillacs, chairs, towers, and combo units should have their hooks, springs, bolts, and straps checked.

Different manufacturers have different suggestions for when springs should be changed, but in general 2 years of regular use is the max. When was the last time you looked at your springs, let alone changed them? Just like our bodies, springs and Pilates equipment fatigue with a lot of use so we need to make sure they’re being maintained and cared for. Over time this wear and tear can lead to safety issues. Springs can break, straps stretch and tear, hooks and bolts get worn and become loose.  These are all things you never want to have happen at your studio – to your clients!  So be sure to set up a regular maintenance program for your Pilates equipment.  Look at your hooks and bolts daily, springs and straps monthly, lubricate your wheels quarterly.  Service and maintain ALL of your Pilates equipment – even the “maintenance-free” ones!

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