Are you hooked on….Hooke’s Law?

Ever wonder what puts the spring in a spring’s step? Ever wonder why some are red, green, yellow, or blue? Why some are super light and others impossibly heavy?Well, it’s all about Physics! It’s all about Hooke’s Law!  Wait? What? Were you surprised?  After all you are reading the blog of an Aerospace Engineer Pilates Instructor!From the moment I started Pilates I was hooked! Yes, my pun is intended.  I had the distinct pleasure of suffering though….um I mean learning, yeah learning, Hooke’s Law very early on in my schooling.What’s [..] Read More

Engineering or Maintenance?

Engineering and Maintenance.  I live by these words. They encompass just about every hour of my day, week, month, LIFE!   By night, I’m an Engineer and I work with Maintenance to make sure our airplanes are ready fly you wherever your hearts desire by morning!  So, what’s the difference? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the last month.  In my aviation world they are two very distinct departments within the airline.  Maintenance is a group of people that, well does just that, maintains the airplane.  And [..] Read More