A Pilates PSA

Here’s a PSA for all Pilates equipment and studio owners out there: I was recently put in a position where I was forced to contend with the “expertise” of a fitness equipment service provider when it came to how to service and maintain Pilates equipment. It is not the first time it’s happened to me, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but in general these technicians don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to Pilates equipment. I’m sure that they know their stuff when it comes [..] Read More

Scheduled Maintenance…it’s not just for your car anymore

Everything in our life needs maintenance in some way – our cars, houses, bodies! We gladly shell out big bucks to experts to give these machines what they need to make sure they’re running properly. Would you buy a car and never get its oil changed? We bring our cars in every 5000 miles for an oil change, we go for our annual check up and get our teeth cleaned every 6 months, we even get our mani/pedis every 2 weeks like clockwork not even thinking about it. Why? Because [..] Read More

Equipment Set Up, Maintenance & Storage

I’ve been receiving some really great questions about equipment set up, maintenance, and storage from instructors, studio and equipment owners like you all over the world! I personally answer each question individually, but also wanted to share these questions with all of you so that we may learn and grow together building a community of the safest most-highly maintained and cared for Pilates equipment in the industry!  Thank you so much for entrusting one of your most valuable investments with me, your Pilates Engineer, and making Top Gun Pilates Engineering [..] Read More