Scheduled Maintenance…it’s not just for your car anymore

The sunrise of the Central Blvd overpass was beautiful on this rather balmy October morning!  There I was disabled on the side of I-95 South when I should have been at Pilates Rx in Boca servicing their Pilates equipment.  Why was I on the side of I-95 you ask? because my rental car died on me while driving 75 mph on the highway.  I was stuck there for 2 hours waiting for a replacement car and the tow truck.  Thank goodness for technology I tethered my laptop to my cell [..] Read More

Engineering or Maintenance?

Engineering and Maintenance.  I live by these words. They encompass just about every hour of my day, week, month, LIFE!   By night, I’m an Engineer and I work with Maintenance to make sure our airplanes are ready fly you wherever your hearts desire by morning!  So, what’s the difference? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the last month.  In my aviation world they are two very distinct departments within the airline.  Maintenance is a group of people that, well does just that, maintains the airplane.  And [..] Read More