You can be my Pilates Engineer anytime!

What do you see when you teach Pilates? Do you see body parts? … heads, shoulders, knees and toes (…knees and toes)?  I don’t, I see hinges, and pulleys, and forces, oh my!
I’m a Pilates Instructor, and I’m also an Aerospace Engineer, an Aircraft Structures Engineer to be specific …a Pilates Rocket Scientist – a Pilates Engineer, if you will.
So when I teach Pilates I don’t see a body or its parts, I see columns, torque boxes, single force members, trusses, beams…I see forces, vectors, shear loads, stress and strain…I see Newton’s Laws of Motion and Einstein’s E = mc (thanks gentlemen!!).
This is what I hope to share with you in this blog. Over the course of the next year or so, I aim to show you Pilates exercises through my eyes, up close and personal. Like Mav and Goose’s “communication” with MiG28, I am preparing for an interesting ride, and so should you!
…cue Top Gun theme music!

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